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16 Calls-To-Action Statements that You Can’t Help but Click  


clicking calls to action

Calls-To-Action or CTA are critical in the work of inbound marketing. It lures prospect in subscribing about your brand and then have your way in putting them on your leads. Killer CTAs however can impact greatly in your inbound marketing. You don’t have to find your prospects because they will be the one turning themselves onto you. Formulating the right and effective CTAs by your content creator can give you a lot of names and email contacts.

So in order to get to the right track, you can use any of these CTAs below for your websites.

  1. “Get your free [SOMETHING]”

The “free” implicates that there is something you can offer. It’s not difficult to come up with some free ebook, webinar, trial or something valuable for your prospect.

  1. “Subscribe now”

This CTA is direct to the point yet not being pushy. You don’t need to say a lot in order a user to sign up. And it’s not difficult for your prospect to sign up.

  1. “See how it works”

The phrase promote curiosity and take away purchasing terms like “buy” or “subscribe”

  1. “Talk to us”

This is slightly compelling just like contact us

  1. “Experience the [BENEFIT OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE]”

“Experience” is a sensory word. This make your prospect feel the service itself and heighten emotional value.

  1. “Get [DISCOUNT] while supplies last!”

Increasing the urgency to sign up for free and pressuring the user to have a view of a limited time.


Additional items on top of your CTA will add extra rates in making your prospect sign up.

  1. “Only [NUMBER OF AVAILABLE PRODUCTS OR SPOTS] available. Lock in your order now!”

Again, limiting something promotes urgency at its best.

  1. “Try it free for [TIME]”

The term “try” connotes no harm and “free” promotes no zero pricing. Highly desirable for visitors.

  1. “Get started now”

Authoritative and can suggest prospect to start engaging with the brand.

  1. “Order your [PRODUCT] today”

Personal terms like “your” can elevate the sense of the prospect. It is simple yet personalize.

  1. “Learn more”

Suggesting curiosity the flickers the mind of the audience.

  1. “Sign up for a free [TRIAL, MEMBERSHIP, ETC.]”

This isn’t quite as strong as the immediate benefits promised by the other CTAs, but it is a great technique nonetheless.

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