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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Importance of Content in B2B Marketing

Many of the content marketing suffer from information overload and will only lead to customer being confused and disinterested. To prevent this, brief and correct information is a must in relaying the content of marketing. There are things to consider in starting up your content marketing.

Costs the cost of service or product is as much as important as the business itself. Because business runs by money, the priority of the customer’s mindset is the range of the costs or price. The logical reason customer remains loyal of the service or product is because of its price. Well in starting up in informing them on this is not to give them hopeful price in which can only lead to disappointment. Remember that customer is always right and might turn down the opposite.

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Improving E-mail Marketing

B2B and B2C marketing applies the strategy of including electronic mail to gain more client and leads. This is the easiest strategy in B2B marketing, because it reduces the costs of marketing by not sacrificing the quality of marketing. In the electronic age that we are living today, this would be the best way to use it. So here are some tips that we can share so to start your email marketing.

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B2B Marketers Continue to Struggle with Data Linkage

The lack of having a Single Customer View (SCV) has served a great deal of hindrance for B2B marketers to respond and cater to the needs of potential B2B leads basking in the confines of various multi-channel platforms.

In the recent study made by Experian, it showed that a whopping 89% of marketers admitted that they have problems with data linkage. This continues to occur to such firms that are engaging in cross-channel marketing. Which now and from the recent years, have been widely implemented and used.

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Is it Really Time for Cold Calling to Retire?

Cold calling, just like the term it bears, is usually returned with an equal bleak response. It’s not even a question of why anymore. This would often leave you with a thought that maybe it’s about time cold calling file its retirement.

Then again, such famous and popular tactic could not just be forgotten and replaced with new emerging access to your potential B2B leads. Though your future clients might come in handy with spam filters and the likes, cold calling could still work for you, that is, if it’s done the right way.

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