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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Nurturing Email: A Step by Step in Reaching your Goals


Living in Manhattan, it is a typical habit to walk out from your door and immediately jump on the subway for a short trip. Same way with marketing –it should be convenient and useful. Just like the subway, it deliver you closer to your destination, one station at a time.

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6 Key Features of Lead Intelligence you need in your Campaigns

Often than not, campaigns are more likely to be a go-call-to-go-on method in many B2B marketing. Go call means that sales rep will call immediately the prospect without having a hint of what to properly say and then go on with another call if the first one didn’t do well. Result? Sales rep were not equipped with the right intelligence of the business leads they are going to deal. Continue reading

How to Positively Disagree in B2B Appointments


B2B appointments means business opportunity with other business. It is where two giants negotiate with each other. Now if we talk about giants, there are times and most often than not, disagreements with one side happens. Worst, it turns into a heated arguments that eventually fall down with zero turn out. Result? No one wins and both will end with no opportunity at all. Continue reading

Steps in Improving Connections with Your Reps  


Sales representatives are the frontline of any business. A bad sales rep can lead to a bad name of the company, worse is that you have no idea what is going on with your sales representative. More or less, you have to connect with your sales rep sooner or later because they can make or break the B2B business you are running. Continue reading