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3 Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Lead Generators

People read the word ‘outsourcing’ and their minds either recall a simple truth or a grave misconception.

The misconception sees the process as something that produces solely out of nothing, all by its little own self. The truth on the other hand is that it’s simply the use of a third party for a particular business process as opposed to having it as an in-house job.

This is all very important for the obvious reason that your sales team might eventually ask themselves if they should outsource lead generators.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has only sought efficiency in order to improve his means of living. There are times when it was done through technology and other times it was through the paid assistance of other people.

Outsourcing is the latter and really, not much has changed. You still need to trust to your providers and their good reputation in the market. This same trust is determined by the same series of questions:

A set of questions are how will you know that you are now ready to outsource? and if you are, what will be the qualifications of your provider? Will you benefit from that provider?

What are the qualifications?

Good lead generation companies have more than just cost-efficient call centers. They have the capacity to meet your demands in spite of time or location. Providing support to salespeople will require a level of expertise that can absorb a more complex understanding of your business.

Quality financial management is also another trait worth looking into. It can reflect the way they operate, how they handle hiring, and how they process wages.

Obviously, since you’re outsourcing lead generators, you’ll also want them to have all the resources of a good marketing and sales firm. There are even more additional factors should you decide to outsource overseas.

Where are they located?

This question is just as much about culture as it is about geography. No matter how good the company, you should still be wary if they’re in a country that is disaster-prone or politically unstable. You don’t want the implied baggage of lower wages and lower quality.

Alternatively, you can also use a geographical location to your advantage. Plenty of brands have gone global simply by heading to the right port. Additional advantage is further gained if you can get marketers to balance between being a global brand and a localized one. This is the key to not only preserving your brand but also enhancing customer service.

What are their security measures?

Security should be 24/7 for the obvious reason that you need to be always on high alert for every piece of information that goes your way. An overflow of call volume most of the time can leave your attention wanting elsewhere. A provider must not only train its people to be B2B telemarketers or email campaign managers. It also must have others in charge of focusing on the technical side of things.

There’s no security without transparency either. You might feel inclined to draw a line on telling your providers how to run their business. However, you should still require them to share certain information that should be available to you by your rights as their customer.

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