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4 Best Practices in Progressive Profiling in B2B Marketing

Inbound profiling in B2B marketing can be a bit hassle when it comes to the point of view of many customers. The Calls-to-Action can sometimes be annoying and end up being ignored. Thus also it does not help in feeding the interest of many new visitors. Often than not, CTAs id not done well can make your inbound marketing strategy worse. But you don’t need to pay the price, as there is a new way for Pro-Profilers.

Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling technology is a feature an extension of a dynamic form fields. It allows you to set up iterative forms that enable you to designate which questions appear based on what information should complement a particular lead. Through this, every time a lead fills out a form, you are progressively adding new valuable information about them while keeping what you already have. This enables you to build up the amount of information, or intelligence, you collect about your individual leads without causing more friction in the conversion process. Ultimately, progressive profiling technology enables you to collect the right information from your leads — at the right times.

  • Ask About Critical Questions First: You may be too short and simple but be sure you are asking the right question do that you can still nurture that lead in the future even though they won’t come back convert on your website again organically.
  • Begin with Broad Then Detailed: Start with broad question as you go through the process. Questions like product-focused will have more relevant and familiar relation with the lead. Be logic about the questions and then determine if the product will fit them or not.
  • Match the Questions with Leads: As your questions go through, you have to consider what part of the sales cycle your lead is. This is to make sure your questions are accurate and relatable in their end. You have to figure out the right questions for particular points along leads’ conversion path.
  • Segmented Forms to Various Buyer Personas: Craft some different Progressive Profiling form questions that is based on different segments of leads. Then add these forms to any segment-specific landing pages you may be using on your website or in your lead nurturing workflows to enable you to capture the lead intelligence that’s specifically beneficial to that audience — making future segmentation and sales follow-up even more effective.


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