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6 Key Features of Lead Intelligence you need in your Campaigns

Often than not, campaigns are more likely to be a go-call-to-go-on method in many B2B marketing. Go call means that sales rep will call immediately the prospect without having a hint of what to properly say and then go on with another call if the first one didn’t do well. Result? Sales rep were not equipped with the right intelligence of the business leads they are going to deal.

6 Key Features of Lead Intelligence you need in your Campaigns

Lead intelligence is where the sales rep must educate himself with the little things they should know about the prospect they will be calling. There are key features or benefits of having a lead intelligence in any campaign. These methods might interest you in a way you would be considering to have this on your next sales and marketing campaigns.


If your sales know how often the lead visit the site, it can be observed that the lead is hot, hotter is just plain warm. Depending the intensity how the lead visit your site will make your sales rep to get ready in speaking about the webpage the lead had visited.


You sales rep can see what the lead was most interested in your website. This will prevent duplication of leads in the same funnel.


In today’s multi-channel world, details about the connection from LinkedIn or tweet from Tweeter from the prospect is much or can be important as saying how they are doing in their business. If your sales rep knows these, they can apply this in their call and will actually make some sense in negotiating.


This is the overall tips and interaction about a lead. Applying this to the Sales Force will make it easy for sales rep to start conversing with the lead. What to say and how to say it.


If you are using automated email follow ups, your rep should know this. This is to make them knowledgeable about the email being sent to the lead they are dealing.

NOTIFY Revisits

Your sales rep’s CRM must contain all important notification about the lead they are working with. This is to back up some follow up if the lead will start growing cold.

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