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7 Traits That Any Marketing Team should possess  


Marketing and advertising are obsessed with anything but shiny –to attract more, that’s it. The attention given to the hiring personnel is centered in those who fully understand the latest platforms, process, tool, or software. This is to compete with startups, technology, design, product and companies.

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But talent does not come from every corner. The truth is, there is a scarcity when it comes into looking for talented individuals nowadays. Competition is very high and there is not enough people to fill in within your targeted gaps.

So, what are you going to do now? The answer is to develop and mold these talents into your teammates. Here are some traits needed to be imposed on your employees.

  1. Human Centered –train your teammates to do as if some lives depend on it. Just kidding. You have to train them that their job is something like someone depends on it. Their result should be human-centered results.
  2. Adaptable –train them at any time they can carry out their job in any circumstances, In the event of pressuring jobs deadline. They can perform their duty and adapt to the working environment.
  3. Curious –make them ask a lot of questions. Remember. Great ideas comes from great imaginations. So you have to make them curious about anything new.
  4. Receptive –they should be able to listen well about the instruction of their upper personnel. They should also have to learn how to acknowledge their mistake if possible=le.
  5. Discriminating –they should be radical in seeing what is right and what the greater good about something is.
  6. Empathetic –they should feel concerned about teammates. They can empathize as to what is given and be mindful about other’s worries.
  7. Geeky –they should love technology and gadget enthusiast. So that they can express what B2B marketing technology can impact the course of marketing.

Talents may not be born from every people. But it does not mean you cannot create one. B2B creative and marketing are like pancake and syrups. They melt the season of which marketing technology should be about.

2 thoughts on “7 Traits That Any Marketing Team should possess  

  1. Gregory Willard

    I think its a great idea to have curiosity on any team. One of the best teams I have ever worked on would always ask questions when they were given something. I think that is very important, especially in marketing.

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