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A Scientific Way to Grow Your Lead

You haven’t gone in high school when you did not experience the beauty of solving mathematics and scientific problems. For many of us, we would normally say that what we have learned in our classrooms stay in our classroom. Instinctively we can solve our problem just by feeling the guts at the back of our mind. But how about we use it the way we take it on our business. Let us review some keys from our old subjects and open up our notes back in the old days.

Identify X to complete the formula.

Remember your math teacher telling you to complete the equation? Not to mention when you don’t know the answer and you will look for your seatmate’s notes. We are struggling to find out the value of X.

Now for Lead generation, it is important to know the identity or at least know the target lead to your business. You have to take consideration in finding the interest of your prospects. In taking up this consideration, normally you would gather as much as data available about them to ensure that you are on the track.

Gathering the data

How well you are to identify your prospects? To reach someone is likely to know more about them. We are most like told by our science teacher to gather some random leaves and have it identify. In this scenario, we are actually gathering the prospects from different aspect and have them organized. We would normally label them according to size and color. Now for Lead generation, the aspect of hitting the right prospect can lead into more venue in expanding the business.

Experiment on some ideas.

This is the exciting part of our childhood studies. We are to see if the ants would be going to be deaf after separating their legs, or if the frogs would still be alive after the dissecting part. Same as to testing the gathered information of our prospects and use it on our advantage. We have to match and make the gap closer with our prospect.

We may be afraid on trying some new ideas because we might feel we are doing far off than we are expected to do. To add some inputs about this, we are expected as well to take another mile step in reaching our prospect. I can still remember how Sony kept me updated with my warranty claim and that would make me feel I am being taken care of. By not making our prospect taken for granted, we can also reduce the number of redundant prospects.

To sum it all up, we need to properly identify, gather accurate data and take a test on it. These three keys we have acquired from our studies can be applied in business. And business as we know it continue to grow the needs still expands in seemingly vast horizon.

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