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B2B Marketers Continue to Struggle with Data Linkage

The lack of having a Single Customer View (SCV) has served a great deal of hindrance for B2B marketers to respond and cater to the needs of potential B2B leads basking in the confines of various multi-channel platforms.

In the recent study made by Experian, it showed that a whopping 89% of marketers admitted that they have problems with data linkage. This continues to occur to such firms that are engaging in cross-channel marketing. Which now and from the recent years, have been widely implemented and used.

B2B marketers struggle with data linkage

There’s no doubt cross-marketing enables you to a higher chance of reaching B2B leads in regards to whatever medium that lead is most comfortable with. Hence you are safe to say that you are at an advantage with cross-channel marketing. However, downsides of it, such as data linkage is what made other businesses hesitant.

There have been different measures thrown over the internet on how to manage customer data yet the difficulty of creating an effective SCV relentlessly takes place. It is most likely affected by the following factors.

  • Poor data quality
  • Lack of technical tools
  • Company structure

Now these problems are not entirely new, and could naturally be worked on.

B2B leads, by all means should be qualified – There should be no room for missing form fields. Qualifying a lead is one of the most essential process in lead generation yet quite a number of B2B marketers failed to do so. Having the most number info doesn’t mean a guaranteed lead.

CRM can be very useful – Now you might already be using one. Doesn’t hurt, does it? CRM tools can be your best buddy to organize your customer info and it only grows to do so.

Break the silos – Multi-channel marketing needs an integrated management for it to efficiently work. Your marketing and sales work force should no longer work in silos. As much as you want and integrated and detailed customer info, connecting diverse departments in your company matters too.

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