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B2B Marketing: How to Solve ‘Mickey Mouse’ and Fake Registrants in Inquiries

Generating inquiries in B2B marketing is like digging golds into the mine shafts. To make it simple, you don’t want to dig out trash in your way and just end up digging dirt all day. This also happen in inquiry generation by receiving a lot of spams, bots, fake registrations that is called ‘Mickey Mouse.’ Scrubbing out them out will make it easy to see who among your respondent are really interested in your content. To see how to find and solve each one, let us identify each of them.


Spams –spam messages and comments are common in blog, articles. It can be spotted immediately by filtering your comment section. Spams normally has URLs that contains their website and the comment appears multiple time and are irrelevant to the posts. To block Spams, using a third party plug-ins in your WordPress will do. These will scrub off fake comments that are nuisance in your inquiries. Akismet is one of the plug-ins we are currently using.

Bots –bots are fake opt in registrations. They composed of unrealistic people that is highly interested in knowing your service even if they are still new. Bots are generated through search engines. There are several types of bots, Googlebots and Bingbots. Both serve to drive traffic. Blocking Spam bots in WordPress with Honeypot. First thing you need to do is install and activate WP Spam Fighter WordPress plugin. After activating the plugin, go to Settings » WP Spam Fighter to configure the plugin. Simply check the box next to the honeypot option and save your settings

Mickey Mouse –these are also fake registrants that ask to click on their website. Again, do not fall for these. They only wanted to generate traffic. To block them, just simply download Joomla Plug-in and register their name and email address. This will prevent their name from registering in your site.

Optimizing the number of inquiries will make way for more inquiries to be answered. In B2B marketing, inquiries are important. Taking out the trash and focusing on what real inquiries will treat you more leads I the future.

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