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B2B Marketing Tips – Tactics and Strategies Connect

Tactics and strategies are all one and the same. Wrong. These two are totally different terms, in business language (especially in business language), that is.

Success in business rely on many aspects that would eventually lead to your main goal. Tactics are always being sought and tested in order to bring more qualified leads. The idea of using new tactics that will capture a prospect has been a regular routine for B2B sales teams.

Tactics however, is often dubbed as small, less striking activities that you work to achieve (your monthly goals and quotas) in a timely manner. But what about your ultimate goal? Does your team have the slightest bit of idea what are they supposed to achieve?

Consider this: make your strategies clear and connect it with your tactics.

Again, they are different from each other, but these two works effectively side by side.

You have your vision. You have these ambitious yet reachable aim for your company and you want it to turn into reality like Sadako literally coming out of the television. The thing is, what do you do for that vision to become reality?

That’s where strategies come from. It’s what you make them for. It’s to that direction your workforce should be pointed at.

Say you envision your company to be the biggest healthcare company in your state. And your strategy is to market your company into its peak. Then all becomes simple. Advertise your services, increase your B2B sales leads. The amount of tactics you use as long as it’s pointing at one direction doesn’t matter.

You’d be surprised at how fast you’re reaching your goals with a clear strategy and the right tactics.

At the end of the day, tactics and strategies are relative to each other. The key is to see the big picture, work on your short term goals without wavering to focus on its long term effect.

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