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Capturing Global Opportunities in B2B marketing  


When it comes to tech B2B search marketing, the U.S is more likely a small fish in a big pond. Two-thirds of B2B searches of tech products and services in English came from outside the U.S and Canada with 45% from EMEA, 22% from APAC. Moreover, 97% of the total growth of tech products in tech B2B queried from 2012 to 2013 happened outside North America.

global oppurtunities

According to the latest data. 76% of Tech B2B searchers occur abroad

To add up, there is an increase of B2B search queries in specific areas of tech. For example, collaboration queries peaked 45% increase in Philippines and 44% increase in Poland respectively from several markets. A trend in security-related queries is being observed as well in those markets. This category saw growth globally, including key markets such as France (31%) and Germany (24%) over the same time period.

On the other hand, tech B2B related queries are rapidly growing outside of North America, there will be less competition for those queries. This makes it advantageous to pioneer market in U.S based companies to expand for more markets. Fewer competitors provide an opportunity to capture a greater share of voice and realize cost efficiencies in the process.

Capturing Global Opportunities

To take advantage of the rising international opportunities, several tool are available to help assess the market potential. Google Trends let marketer search for interest and point out particular regions and countries.

Another one is Google Global Market Finder, marketers can access more than 1.9 billion potential customers and what they search around the world. Using this, business can answer the question such as how competitive the market is, the statistics and the marketing location.

In addition, The World Factbook can serve as an alternative in understanding potential markets. Third third-party site can provides information about the people, government, economy, communications, transportation and military issues across 267 world entities.

To sum up, given with the majority of tech searches are taking place outside the U.S, many international markets remain untapped by U.S companies. Marketers who are moving quickly can capitalize the situation without too much competition.

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