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When to Use Predictive Analytics in B2B Marketing

If there’s a consistency in social media, it is always a constant evolution. That of course that in order to stay relevant and effective, marketers need to stay on their feet. For example, Facebook’s recent decision to shift its feed algorithm that will focus on actual audience engagement, or Google’s recent updates in its search algorithm, or the popularity of new social platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, and Vine. Nowadays, it is inviting to talk about the latest piece of the social media marketing elements – predictive analytics. Continue reading

Attracting Real people through Sale Outsourcing

Sale outsourcing is one of the channel in multi-channel marketing and thus one of the most effective ways in sipping real people in lead generation processes. You might actually think that this sale outsourcing is a physical store by which you can see and touch by your own hands. No. Or that may be it is actually can be seen through the screen of your computer. Yes. Continue reading

Marketers challenge in Data Scrubbing

While looking into the horizon of data and diving into lake of information, marketers are prone to acquiring useless data. The probability of getting a qualified data is relatively low than getting unwanted data (ComScore 2014). The statistics will show it all but would you mind keeping old data rather than giving them up easily. Now, these are the quality of a lead specialist that those of traditionalist are harder to let it go. Continue reading