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When to Use Predictive Analytics in B2B Marketing

If there’s a consistency in social media, it is always a constant evolution. That of course that in order to stay relevant and effective, marketers need to stay on their feet. For example, Facebook’s recent decision to shift its feed algorithm that will focus on actual audience engagement, or Google’s recent updates in its search algorithm, or the popularity of new social platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, and Vine. Nowadays, it is inviting to talk about the latest piece of the social media marketing elements – predictive analytics. Continue reading

6 Key Features of Lead Intelligence you need in your Campaigns

Often than not, campaigns are more likely to be a go-call-to-go-on method in many B2B marketing. Go call means that sales rep will call immediately the prospect without having a hint of what to properly say and then go on with another call if the first one didn’t do well. Result? Sales rep were not equipped with the right intelligence of the business leads they are going to deal. Continue reading

Winning the Prospect’s Trust: Marketing or Advertising


Marketing and advertising may seem to be indeed in both sense the same. Advertisement’s goal is to persuade and entertain while marketing is also the same. But normally people would wonder if which of the two are trusted by the prospects? The question underlying which sense of channel people most trust? This is a big idea for B2B marketers to fetch their initial prospect whether online or not. B2B marketers are the one which we can consider the backdoor of advertising. Continue reading

Attracting Real people through Sale Outsourcing

Sale outsourcing is one of the channel in multi-channel marketing and thus one of the most effective ways in sipping real people in lead generation processes. You might actually think that this sale outsourcing is a physical store by which you can see and touch by your own hands. No. Or that may be it is actually can be seen through the screen of your computer. Yes. Continue reading

Despicable Minion Marketing

I would not wonder if anyone gone through the internet hasn’t seen those yellow-pill-like creatures that speak gibberish or sometimes mixture of languages but let’s not put our attention to that.

Yes. I know what you’re thinking. The Minions

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Authentic Marketing Logo makes sense

Well, as we all know that in reselling your business in the market, competition is always the challenge of marketers in the industry. Entrepreneurs always say innovation is the key in success while business is the technique. We could not agree less than what is given. So thus if there are a lot of innovations and techniques that has to be consider is how can we make sure that the marketing strategy is on its way to its originality? First thing on our list is the marketing or the company logo. It resembles the face of your business and how well it attracts clients.

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A Scientific Way to Grow Your Lead

You haven’t gone in high school when you did not experience the beauty of solving mathematics and scientific problems. For many of us, we would normally say that what we have learned in our classrooms stay in our classroom. Instinctively we can solve our problem just by feeling the guts at the back of our mind. But how about we use it the way we take it on our business. Let us review some keys from our old subjects and open up our notes back in the old days.

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Importance of Content in B2B Marketing

Many of the content marketing suffer from information overload and will only lead to customer being confused and disinterested. To prevent this, brief and correct information is a must in relaying the content of marketing. There are things to consider in starting up your content marketing.

Costs the cost of service or product is as much as important as the business itself. Because business runs by money, the priority of the customer’s mindset is the range of the costs or price. The logical reason customer remains loyal of the service or product is because of its price. Well in starting up in informing them on this is not to give them hopeful price in which can only lead to disappointment. Remember that customer is always right and might turn down the opposite.

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Improving E-mail Marketing

B2B and B2C marketing applies the strategy of including electronic mail to gain more client and leads. This is the easiest strategy in B2B marketing, because it reduces the costs of marketing by not sacrificing the quality of marketing. In the electronic age that we are living today, this would be the best way to use it. So here are some tips that we can share so to start your email marketing.

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