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Digital Marketers face new opportunity with Facebook

In the recent survey released by Tealium, Facebook ranked up to 25 percent of enterprise sites. The new data suggest that global brands are looking at Facebook as a serious advertising partner; readers should examine whether Facebook fits into their advertising strategy as well.

Since Facebook has been widely categorized as the biggest social media in the internet, B2B marketers sees its potential as source of potential leads for their clients. Facebook made it clear for marketers to see through the relevant information needed by marketers in such specific criteria given. It actually gives them the option to easily profile the customer without any discretion.

Facebook Opening Access To Custom Audiences launched last November2013. The program is designed to customize target viewers in posted page by utilizing Facebook’s vast profile information. This will increase the chance of small ad business and marketers to locate and give the appropriate content about their products or services. Facebook again confirmed the Custom Audience tool is “data protective” and designed so as not to share private information of users without their consent.

But then again, marketing does not end with customizing audience but as well continuously struggle on making content marketing effective too. Aside from custom audience, Facebook as well has insight tool that enables user to breakdown the demographic info of a person. Content marketing will also steer away sales-driven content thus, giving more valuable content for audiences.

Posting the popular post can help data traffic and encourage more persons to view the content. Choosing and reposting popular page will increase the chance for more views. Engagement with a lot of people with a single page can do too much too. This is another way for your page to be promoted in a multi channeling. Lastly is that, do not forget to respond appropriately to comments and suggestion about a post. Do not take it personally as you hold the integrity of your business.

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