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Does Having More Channels for Sales Leads Indicate Desperation or Innovation?

Okay so you’ve been getting a decent amount of sales from, say, simply cold calling a targeted list of clients. But as your company grows, you find that this method doesn’t quite take you higher as fast as you want. There could still be plenty of sales leads out there that you’re missing out on.

So what do you do? You now start considering more channels, more ways to reach potential customers, and more ways to sell. In the process of this though, plenty of companies make the mistake of just doing it to the point that they’re desperate for attention. How do you, for example, put yourself on Facebook without looking like you’d do anything to get word of your brand into the whole world? How do you send an email without looking like another typical spammer in the space?

The answer lies in one word: Growth.

More specifically, you have to focus on growing your marketing initiative. You can take a mishmash of marketing gimmicks but once you’ve settled on an arsenal, you’ve got to let it grow.

  • Start with simple objectives – At the South by Southwest festival, there plenty of brands who trying to bag any and all marketing opportunities (from disco lights to yogurt stands). In spite of their means though, they all have simplified their first objective: create awareness. Your marketing strategy starts from that. Whatever your means, you need to have a really simple objective that can serve the start of your sales process.
  • Look for gems – Creating awareness might be enough but it does make it easier for you to identify who could be actual prospects and make it easier for sales reps to talk to them. For example, say you asked tradeshow participants to sign-up. After engaging them during the event, you’ve found that a certain few looked more interested than others. Follow up on them because there’s an obvious chance that these are the people looking into a solution you’re providing.
  • Grow them simultaneously and organically – The trickiest part could be to learn how to improve practices in a particular channel without forgetting to the same in another way. A good rule of thumb is to note down things that different channels have in common. For example, social media and email could be both part of your back-and-forth conversations during the lead nurturing phase.

Don’t be frustrated when these things feel like they still take time. It’s not like St. Patrick’s day didn’t become a global phenomenon overnight either. It started out as a bunch of mostly separated, cultural and marketing elements that were simply incorporated over time, not in a rush of desperation to stay relevant.

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