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How to Become an Expert Appointment Setter When You are speaking with CEOs


B2B prospects are the laying ground of B2B marketing industry. The time you engage with prospects is crucial because this determines the success of the business. The appointment setting process is the core of the success of the sale. In marketing, there are a lot of things to be considered in paving the road to winning like generating leads or making referrals –but one thing a sales representative should always keep in mind, it is the sales calling that matters the most.

To a sales person, talking with business owners are very tedious especially when it comes to the highest positioned person in a company –the CEOs. CEOs are the very first target of every B2B marketers and dealing with them in a call especially requires a very authentic yet professional way of speaking. We have gathered some attribute of which a sales person must possess in order to deal in an appointment setting with CEOs.

  1. Do Research –before dialing the number on the call. Make it sure that your team has done its part in researching the thorough information about the CEO and the company you are going to call. Remember that you only got one chance to deal with them, so make it sure you are making it right.
  2. Be Precise –during the call, you make come across with gatekeepers before reaching the CEOs. Be confident enough because these gatekeepers are trained to screen telemarketers before handing them to their boss. So, be precise with the information and be direct as well.
  3. Be Assertive and Energetic –make it sound you are going to make it happen. Overcome the objections by the gatekeepers and the CEOs. It might be now, and lastly-
  4. Be Patient and Skillful –in waiting for the result from the CEOs. Don’t easily gave up if the turned you down. Best results are worth waiting.

Appointment setting in B2B marketing are important, so as with the other channels. The success of the company depends on you, and you should know it as well.

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