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How to Get Your Website Ready for Black Friday – Steps and Tips  


It was more than $1.5 billion sales that has been generated during Black Friday last year. Thus a new record by Comscore after Thanksgiving shopping. Moreover, an impressive growth in sales that IBM stated that 51.2% of all ecommerce traffic from mobile and 28% purchases done on mobile devices.

preparation on black friday

So Black Friday isn’t just a normal day for many businesses especially ecommerce. It is the prerogative for business to prepare their websites to handle the traffic. So to help our fellow business owners, we prepared some last minute tips for business websites during the holidays.

Traffic Management

Contact your CDN or Content Delivery Network to upgrade you on a different server. This will carry on during only a limited time. This will carry large flux of website activity to prevent your website from crashing.

Website Speed

To avoid your customer from waiting over a large activity in your website. You can alternate the size and compress the content of your website. Contact your website admin to compress all text and images for easy loading. Remove temporarily third-party websites to avoid hosting.

Trust and Security

Display immediately contents that shows secured shopping. Ensure the content for Return Policy can be seen right away. The reliability of your website can be seen by your customers in just a manner of seconds.

Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO will have to re-categorize your keyword alignment due to the unconditional keyword search that will happen during heavy traffic. f you utilize a lot of imagery on your product pages, alt text is very important. To improve your site’s crawlability, be sure to go through all of your images to add alt text that is relevant to the item and ties back to the keyword(s) you’re optimizing for.

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