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Is it Really Time for Cold Calling to Retire?

Cold calling, just like the term it bears, is usually returned with an equal bleak response. It’s not even a question of why anymore. This would often leave you with a thought that maybe it’s about time cold calling file its retirement.

Then again, such famous and popular tactic could not just be forgotten and replaced with new emerging access to your potential B2B leads. Though your future clients might come in handy with spam filters and the likes, cold calling could still work for you, that is, if it’s done the right way.

  • Cold calling is not dead – It’s most certainly not. You may close your eyes to those articles that boast about cold calling being six feet underground, or you may find it out for yourself. Now you may ask, if cold calling is not dead, then why doesn’t it work for me? (Read: the word ‘me’).
  • Look for new angles – Why doesn’t it work for you? Because you’ve been doing it wrong. Such an easy answer for a troubling question, isn’t it? Your methods and approaches to your B2B prospects might just be the reason why instead of luring them in, you’re pushing them out. It’s up to you to take action and have your B2B leads nurtured to its growth.
  • Consider warm calling – The contrast of the two terms has always been a hot topic in business world. What approach is better? Would I get better B2B sales with that? Truth is you’ll never know unless you got a taste of both worlds. If you’re hanging on the edge with your cold calling methods, try warm calling and weigh what is better for you.

Lead generation tactics come and go, one may be very effective today and allegedly dead in the next month. But whichever technique you implement, as long as it gives you satisfying results, then it’s surely not going to be in a coffin so soon.

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