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Lead Nurturing Strategies for When You’re Way Ahead of Your Time

Does it feel like your product is just a little too ahead of own time? Don’t worry. You won’t be the first. It’s likely you’ve read about one or two other success stories that tell you this is really just a bump in the road.

Don’t just settle for the pep talk though. You still need a solid marketing and lead nurturing strategy to help you manage through tough times. Ideas that seem too forward thinking are not easily accepted and you might even have to tone it down until the market looks more favorable.

Even the best in business don’t always get it right. Industry critics and news outlets are still keeping a tentative eye on Apple’s new ‘smartwatch.’ Google’s Project Glass continues to stay as much as it can out of the media spotlight even though the company continues to push through with the project.

Both these companies are still, without a doubt, sharing ideas with the world that are still quite impressive. High tech watches are eyeglasses sound like the future could be in the next few years. But as expected, making them into reality had posed tremendous concerns (if not outright derision and fear).

A lead nurturing strategy that’s not used to this treatment is only going to produce disappointing sales numbers. On the one hand, it presents your great idea in a way that doesn’t make it look great. And on the other, it’s prone to declining numbers because hostility towards your innovations and concepts start to rise. How can you easy a prospect’s growing hesitation and tendency to find fault during the lead nurturing process?

  • Look for early warning signs – If it looks like there’s just isn’t enough demand for an innovation, start lying low. Don’t push it further until you get to the bottom of what’s wrong. Sometimes you could be trying to solve a problem that isn’t too much of a big deal at the moment. Other times there still aren’t many people who reached the same conclusions about the problem as you have.
  • When trying again, try to make it something new – Don’t take your R&D department for granted. Use them as resource people to help you explain to your target audiences what you’ve done to ‘transform’ your old idea. (This happens a lot, if you pay close attention to today’s recent tech trends.) It could be that you’ve finally found the missing piece to a particular error. You could also point to a competitor, see how they’ve recently banked on an idea but then point to yourself as the first to actually attempt development.
  • Use current market feedback to predict future buyer attitudes – Asides from early warning signs, understand what any lack of demand could mean for future buyer attitudes. For example, if your research led you to predict a particular problem to arise in the future then pose your innovations for marketing when that time does arrive and your predictions are proving true.

Being ahead of your time can be a double edged sword. While it positions you as daring and innovative, it can also fly back into your face when your solution doesn’t create that much demand. Learn how to slowly backpedal into the status quo but always be prepared to pitch your changes (and make sure they’re even better than ever).

2 thoughts on “Lead Nurturing Strategies for When You’re Way Ahead of Your Time

  1. Ted Newcomb

    I just put my idea and company back in a box, there’s lot to be done during the 10 or so years it takes for folks and society to catch up….when they finally do, it looks like an overnite success!!

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