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Marketing Pope Francis in New York: Is this even legal?  

America has now being visited by most loved people in the Christian community or at least I say so. Marketers flocked down on the details of which the Pope are into. Newspapers and all media are now in a great delusion because of this, same as to the CEO of pharmaceutical company that raised the price of cancer pills. This is a good meal for lead generation, but how? Why am I even asking? That is right, I know how. And this is it.


If you are looking for a client that is in need of cleaning services, try to sell the name of Pope Francis but get too obvious. Try to communicate through topics about the person and introduce your cleaning services. Would you mind in the name of the Holy Spirit to be part of my webinar? Sounds funny right? But this phrase made its name in the webinar station.

Pope in the social media site are flocking down like birds migrating from southern hemisphere. Christians be like, here we at New York taking picture of our visitor. Taking selfies and all, that is the way through the heart of social media. And we are talking real people here.

The email marketers are vicious of these. Email as much as you want if you want to hear about latest news about Pope Francis. See the guy in his suit like men in black. People are crazy over this trend and are a good opportunity in marketing.

Event marketing is on the top spot. Pope Francis can be made as official announcer and again people will be lure down like sheep that needs its pastor. Eventually no one will realize they are being marketed in.

Did that gave you an idea of how to market people in a special occasion? If yes, that is good for you then.

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