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Steps in Improving Connections with Your Reps  


Sales representatives are the frontline of any business. A bad sales rep can lead to a bad name of the company, worse is that you have no idea what is going on with your sales representative. More or less, you have to connect with your sales rep sooner or later because they can make or break the B2B business you are running.

Improving Connections with Your Reps

There are rather challenges in ‘riding along’ with your reps and one of these are coaching. Now one would ask how do managers conduct their coaching with their sales rep or staff. This does not need to be obvious because your rep might see what you want them to do.

In making connections with your sales rep, you can do the following:

  1. Plan Out

This means that you have to set an expectations with your sales rep. planning out the daily activities will help them engage with the team (if applicable). The goal is advancing the skills and attitude of the sales rep in order for them to set their goal.

  1. Do Your Job

Stick to the job you and your sales rep are doing. Avoid any distractions from other work because it will not help you and your rep do their task. Keep on the track with the job description that you are working.

  1. Let your Boss Know

Whatever happens, your boss is your first and last defense if difficult situation arises. So make sure, as a boss, you are enlightened what kind of situation your sales rep is having. This might be the best time to talk to them.

  1. Talk about your issues

You should sometimes share what issues you have and your sales rep have. This again can make both understand each other. By understanding each other, you can make things right.

  1. Set Goals

Set short and long term goals. This will improve the professionalism for you and your sales rep.

  1. Evaluate the Process

At the end of the day, you must see to it that there will be a good result. You should be able to determine if your plan did fail or not.

Making a good connections with your sales rep is good start in making your way on your customer. Treating them right will make them treat your client right. That is why you have to take good care of your sales rep in the long run.

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