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Surprising Things about Simple Marketing  

simple marketing

Do anyone bothered to look how the technology evolve from text to graphics? Do anyone see how drastic the changes in marketing and advertising? Well, if anyone see those changes, it must be the ‘simplicity’ of our products and services.

Keep it simple, stupid. This has been around since1960s but it seem to becoming more relevant nowadays. This phrase originally come from the Navy, realizing that system work best when they are simple rather than complicated. This phrase worked like a charm, contributing to a more effective and efficient than ever before.

Then, why should we see this simple system as a great tool in marketing? Looking back, Steve Jobs main idea of Apple product is its simplicity. Not just simple, but very stupidly simple.

So, if it works with a big company like Apple. Why can’t so in your marketing? We will looking on the bright side on how simplicity works in any marketing strategy and how your sales reps will be able to use this.

Choosing the Right Words

Every sales rep is intelligent in their own way. They were trained to throw every little piece of what the business has to offer. You can consider them as a walking bible about your product or service.

But that is not the case. They would still be talking to your customer and they could follow the script of the product. But what the customer want is to solve immediately their problem.

For example, your rep is selling a television set with modem and cable. Your rep most likely to flood your customer with terms like ‘your 42 inch cable TV flat screen with wide resolution of 5000 pixels with optical resolution of…” Isn’t that confusing if you don’t have any idea of what he is talking about? Right. Instead, your rep can just say “yes, your 42 inch cable TV would be on monthly installments.” That drives around the customer into an immediately resolution that will make him decide easily.

To conclude, your customer want to know if you can fix their issue, don’t overboard them with information.

Deliver the Content

Buyers these days are not that stupid on not knowing your product. Most likely, they already have an idea of what you are going to say. For this, you have to deliver the good news and reviews of your brand. This way it can add value on your brand.

Tell a Story

Our brain is wired to listen to a narrative story. To capture the mind of the readers, your sales rep must tell how can your business proposition leads them into happily ever after story. Telling them how you can narrate their sales journey will help them clear a path in their decision making.




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