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Marketing has more than Advertising

Yes, advertising can increase the awareness of your business or company, but that is the last thing they will do. They won’t even bother to collect contacts from your prospects. I’m not saying it’s a waste of money but the effort is. Somehow and sometime, a company should start looking into a supplier of information that acquires contact themselves. More than advertising, it’s marketing. Continue reading

Heading Down the Wrong Road: Lead Nurturing Pitfalls

There are quite few topics about retargeting in lead nurturing. The specific respondents from the database are to be evaluated every now and then. Since marketing technology abruptly intimidating people in their devices, there is a lot of pitfall in wrong doing in retargeting that need to be corrected. The reason of why retargeting do not work the most is that marketers are aggressively confronting the front doors of their clients. Continue reading

B2B Marketers Continue to Struggle with Data Linkage

The lack of having a Single Customer View (SCV) has served a great deal of hindrance for B2B marketers to respond and cater to the needs of potential B2B leads basking in the confines of various multi-channel platforms.

In the recent study made by Experian, it showed that a whopping 89% of marketers admitted that they have problems with data linkage. This continues to occur to such firms that are engaging in cross-channel marketing. Which now and from the recent years, have been widely implemented and used.

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Yes, Outsourced Lead Generator Takes Away Work. There Can Too Much of It!

A common (if not highly politicized) argument against outsourcing is the idea of giving away work and that it’s a mark of laziness (or worse, corporate greed). What they don’t tell you is that this argument is based on the idea that work itself is pretty scarce. In reality, there’s actually far too much work needed just for trying to keep a complex business process simple.

Likewise, the work of an outsourced lead generator doesn’t necessarily imply that you’re sacrificing your own livelihood. There is a lot that needs to be done in the B2B sales process. There’s only so much that a single sales team can do to nurture leads and research prior to appointments without an additional burden of minor tasks.

Because when minor tasks take up a major workload, you’ll have a major problem.

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Staying Focused on Sales Leads In Spite of Increasing Sophistication

When you’re juggling so many areas of your business (be it online, in trade shows, or even when you’re traveling state-to-state just to meet a sales appointment), the idea of staying focused on your sales leads sounds nearly impossible.

But it isn’t. In fact, it can be surprisingly easy if you know how to properly tune out the parts of the lead generation process that you actually shouldn’t waste too much time micro-managing.

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Your Sales Leads Are Groups, Not JUST Individuals

In principle, B2B sales leads are representative of entire organizations (whether they’re large of small). But in practice, many lead generators wind up stuck dealing with just one person.

For the most part, this is necessary because this one person is supposed to be the one authorized to make the transaction. These are usually decision makers who directly deal with the problems your products and services intend to solve. In fact, they’re also the ones who’ll play a significant role in getting others to buy in.

Yet in reality, you’re still just calling this one guy (or girl). You all really just have one name at a time during most of the campaign. Getting used to this routine can be dangerous when your sales rep still need to acknowledge the larger body of a prospect organization in order to succeed with every lead.

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