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Despicable Minion Marketing

I would not wonder if anyone gone through the internet hasn’t seen those yellow-pill-like creatures that speak gibberish or sometimes mixture of languages but let’s not put our attention to that.

Yes. I know what you’re thinking. The Minions

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3 Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Lead Generators

People read the word ‘outsourcing’ and their minds either recall a simple truth or a grave misconception.

The misconception sees the process as something that produces solely out of nothing, all by its little own self. The truth on the other hand is that it’s simply the use of a third party for a particular business process as opposed to having it as an in-house job.

This is all very important for the obvious reason that your sales team might eventually ask themselves if they should outsource lead generators.

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Can Lead Generators Go Beyond Smoke and Mirrors?

Despite all the promises of new media technologies, marketers and lead generators still wind up running the same magic act of smoke and mirrors instead of creating actual value. It just goes to show that innovation is just a buzzword when the problem of marketing’s main objectives hasn’t changed much.

For example, you might think that shows like Shark Tank sound like an incredible idea that will really increase the numbers for your marketing team. It’s all there after all! You’ve got exposure. You’ve got thought leaders chiming in on your products. You’ve got the million-dollar industry that’s reality television.

What could go wrong?

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