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Does Having More Channels for Sales Leads Indicate Desperation or Innovation?

Okay so you’ve been getting a decent amount of sales from, say, simply cold calling a targeted list of clients. But as your company grows, you find that this method doesn’t quite take you higher as fast as you want. There could still be plenty of sales leads out there that you’re missing out on.

So what do you do? You now start considering more channels, more ways to reach potential customers, and more ways to sell. In the process of this though, plenty of companies make the mistake of just doing it to the point that they’re desperate for attention. How do you, for example, put yourself on Facebook without looking like you’d do anything to get word of your brand into the whole world? How do you send an email without looking like another typical spammer in the space?

The answer lies in one word: Growth.

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When Should B2B Marketers Get On A Platform Hype Train?

The official announcement of the upcoming iWatch already has seven brands jumping on the wearable for early marketing presence. But the million dollar question remains unanswered: Will iWatch be a hit?

Questions like this are the reason why so many B2B marketers aren’t so quick to embrace the emergence of new platforms. And while they’ve made mistakes of being too slow about it, there’s still certain merit to their caution. You can get on the hype train a little too early.

When then is the best time?

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Want More B2B Marketing Ideas? Find More Mistakes

Yes, they are costly. Yes, they can have horrendous consequences. But in spite of it all, plenty of good ideas started out after realizing a mistake was made. It’s no different when it comes to the process of B2B marketing and lead generation.

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Can Lead Generators Go Beyond Smoke and Mirrors?

Despite all the promises of new media technologies, marketers and lead generators still wind up running the same magic act of smoke and mirrors instead of creating actual value. It just goes to show that innovation is just a buzzword when the problem of marketing’s main objectives hasn’t changed much.

For example, you might think that shows like Shark Tank sound like an incredible idea that will really increase the numbers for your marketing team. It’s all there after all! You’ve got exposure. You’ve got thought leaders chiming in on your products. You’ve got the million-dollar industry that’s reality television.

What could go wrong?

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Staying Focused on Sales Leads In Spite of Increasing Sophistication

When you’re juggling so many areas of your business (be it online, in trade shows, or even when you’re traveling state-to-state just to meet a sales appointment), the idea of staying focused on your sales leads sounds nearly impossible.

But it isn’t. In fact, it can be surprisingly easy if you know how to properly tune out the parts of the lead generation process that you actually shouldn’t waste too much time micro-managing.

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Your Sales Leads Are Groups, Not JUST Individuals

In principle, B2B sales leads are representative of entire organizations (whether they’re large of small). But in practice, many lead generators wind up stuck dealing with just one person.

For the most part, this is necessary because this one person is supposed to be the one authorized to make the transaction. These are usually decision makers who directly deal with the problems your products and services intend to solve. In fact, they’re also the ones who’ll play a significant role in getting others to buy in.

Yet in reality, you’re still just calling this one guy (or girl). You all really just have one name at a time during most of the campaign. Getting used to this routine can be dangerous when your sales rep still need to acknowledge the larger body of a prospect organization in order to succeed with every lead.

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