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The Roles of Sales Team in Lead Nurturing Process  


Lead nurturing is the mid-section in any sales process. It is where the sales and marketing team work out with each other to influence solid and qualified prospects that are ready to buy yet still reluctant in purchasing. In this section, sales team has different roles in lead nurturing. Their roles start with nurturing these prospects to make them move down the sales funnel and is where they can do their trick.

roles of lead nurturing

The roles of sales starts in collaborating on creating lead nurturing templates. This is where sales and marketing team provide information that will influence buyer’s decision. When both department has its common understanding with the type of content you are feeding with your buyer, sales team can improve, backup and understand their calls script. This is to ensure that your sales team and buyer personas are standing on the same ground in lead nurturing.

Create case studies, reviews and testimonials together with the sales people’s perspective. No one understands your buyer better than your sales team. They are the perfect advisor when it comes to providing helpful information about the actual business.

Since case studies involved testimonials about your previous customers, you can guarantee that your data is accurate. In return, you’ll be able to create more compelling and factual case studies and you’ll get plenty of reviews and testimonials to share.

Making a feedback loop can nourish those leads who still has doubts. Sadly, a lot of leads are wasted due to the sales department not being able to throw it back to the marketing. This happens when sales don’t communicate with the marketing department. The result? Leads will go back again to square one. Once this happen, your ROI is affected. To prevent this, your sales team should send this unsure leads to your marketing department and they will make some adjustment and more relevant content to win back and close the deal.

Lead nurturing is a multi-path work. It should be a cyclic process, not linear.

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