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Today’s Lead Generation Challenges Involve Scaling versus Simplicity

B2B lead generation looks like a long, hefty, and intellectually challenging process. In other words, it’s complicated. Ironically though, the main goal of all of today’s fancy, buzz-word-ridden B2B marketing strategies remains relatively simple: find a target audience, create good content, and use it to drive sales.

Where does the complication start out of this seemingly simple modus operandi? More likely it’s in terms of scale.

One can argue that today’s business world is even busier than ever thanks to the influx of information brought about the internet and other innovative communication technologies (e.g. smartphones). And more often than not, marketers can find themselves paralyzed by the surge.

They key to maintaining focus and to taking action is making sure you’re fulfilling these objectives even as your company expands the scope and breadth of your marketing capabilities.

For example, suppose your sales lead generation department is managing an active telemarketing campaign and an active social media page. One prospect has been going in between both. Are they both aware? Do they constantly share this information with each other or are they acting far too independently?

One thing is clear: You need to bring them all together at some point, regardless if only one shares a space in your office and the other is in a call center half the world away. If not, you risk turning each part of your entire marketing setup into isolated experiences for your customer. This can get really bad when the trend these days is actually towards a shift to connecting digital experiences. Experiences that are isolated only giver fragmented accounts of a potential customer and results in really incomplete prospect information.

So what’s the secret to keeping it all together and keeping it in scale?

  • Engage with a multi-channel work style – Start looking at yourself. Ever noticed that you’re not limited to discussing things by phone or email? Take this concept and find a way to cascade this down to your marketing agents. How can they overcome the limits of engaging a prospect in one channel and then passing them into another?
  • Do it even if it’s easier said than done – It doesn’t matter if it will only sound good on paper. What matters is that you still have a hands-on approach to getting it done. Besides, what are a few mistakes when they can actually tell you how to improve? Don’t be intimidated by the possibility of setbacks and stay on course.
  • Minimize depositories of data – Digital or not, make sure your prospect’s information still stays in one place regardless of how many channels you end up hopping through with them. From email transcripts to phone conversation, put them all in one place. This will save you time and also help you stay focused.

No matter how big your marketing gets, your goals shouldn’t change too drastically just for the sake of scale. You’re only trying to manage the means but don’t ever forget the ends!

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