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Want More B2B Marketing Ideas? Find More Mistakes

Yes, they are costly. Yes, they can have horrendous consequences. But in spite of it all, plenty of good ideas started out after realizing a mistake was made. It’s no different when it comes to the process of B2B marketing and lead generation.

Do you know how many innovations surround the simple musical instrument that is the electric guitar? Do you how many of them actually came from little quirks and errors in engineering?

Making the same discoveries is neither too dangerous nor too difficult if you’re trying to create a more dynamic sales and marketing process for your B2B organization. But first off, you need to get rid of the idea that simply learning from your mistakes is the same as deliberately making them happen. Here are the differences:

  • Mistakes happen because of things you don’t see – You don’t expect a mistake to happen (unless you’re abnormally cynical). And when they do, it’s normally not easy to figure out what went wrong. That though, is the real beauty of it because that’s one way the creative process starts.
  • Mistakes reveal themselves over time – Some mistakes take a while to reveal themselves. For example, relying purely on an inbound lead generation strategy won’t prove itself fruitless unless you’ve seen an enormous amount of time pass by before you get a half-decent lead.
  • Mistakes can have additional benefits – By benefits, these are benefits aside from the fact they tell you what the problem is. For example, getting an influx of people to Google you might have been a ‘mistake’ on the SEO side (more people are googling you because you prompted them too rather than from pure, organic search). On the other hand, you realize that direct marketing actions such as email or even larger events might as well drive your traffic because they do it better.

None of the above require you to deliberately commit cardinal sins against your current process. Instead, they require you to have:

  • Openness for error – You’re not going to look away and ignore any possibility of something screwing up.
  • Damage control protocols – Mistakes are the reason why you have emergency plans. If you don’t have one, why expect your marketers and sales teams to pull through?
  • An eye for what really works – And lastly, you can’t realize the benefits of your mistakes if you don’t change your perspective into one that recognizes their value.

Mistakes happen all the time. You should do your best to prevent them from harming your marketing process but don’t stop there. Have a backup plan and then back that plan with a plan to get new ideas from what went wrong.

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