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What are the Challenges in B2B Lead Generation

B2B leads fuel the sales pipeline of any company in the market. But prospects are becoming much more sophisticated as time goes by and the fast-changing development in technology has led to such about engaging with companies and sharing the information marketers need to generate demand. These demands are too vast in opened a lot B2B lead generation challenge. The big question is:

Challenges in B2B Lead Generation

How will marketers reach the next level of lead generation performance in the year ahead?

To find out, SalesDinamico and our Research Partners fielded the B2B Lead Generation Strategy Survey and completed interviews with 200 marketing, from the sales and business professionals around the world. We are grateful to them for sharing their valuable insights available in your end.

So for the B2B lead generation challenge, we have plotted a chart that represents the average of all market segments responding to the survey. Specific market segments are reported on exclusively by our Research Partners.

The most challenging obstacle in lead generation is not budget. It is the lack of quality list data and the lack of an effective lead generation strategy to achieve success.

  • Lack of quality data/list resources (35%)
  • Lack of an effective strategy (35%)
  • Inadequate marketing budget (32%)
  • Inability to attribute leads to revenue (26%)
  • Lack of marketing-sales alignment (25%)

B2B lead generation challenges are listed above based on the responses of sales and business professionals around the world. Here you can see that the two common challenge when it comes to B2B lead generation challenge are the lack of quality data/list resources and the lack of an effective strategy. Extensive and smart approach to researching and data mining in creating a list of a good quality must be implemented. In the case above, it should be the immediate action that any B2B marketing organization should do.

There are still a lot of B2B lead generation that we need to discuss in the next coming researches. But stay updated with more valuable information from SalesDinamico.

2 thoughts on “What are the Challenges in B2B Lead Generation

  1. Donny

    Definitely agree lack of a lead generation strategy is what prevents most B2B’s from success. The hardest part, though, is getting enough quality data to make a decision upon.

    1. admin Post author

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