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Why B2B Email Marketing contributes to Email Addiction?  


Receiving an email make us feel happy in some ways. Reading as well promotional content will contribute to the procrastination we do at our work. None the less it easy to assume that B2B emails with thousands of numbers makes up what is called “email addiction” in the new digital psychology. But why should B2B marketers be concerned about the effects on email addiction? What are the factors that contributes to the email addiction?

Email Addiction

Email addiction happens due to something called operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is part of the normal way our mind learns things. In the case of email, our mind learns that if we do something (open our email tab, for example) then we get something else (new mail, and the excitement that brings).

Operant conditioning, according to B. F. Skinner, applies to “active behavior that operates upon the environment to generate consequences” The action — checking email — is reinforced by the consequence — we get email.

The bottom line is even though people hate emails –they love the pleasurable feeling of getting email. So marketers should not be afraid of sending marketing emails –just make it sure you are sending relevant content at the right person so that your message is associated with a good feeling.

Why should email be warm not cold?

Business people are bombarded with hundreds of promotional email that wants their attention. Worse email make them decide and the good one are just there waiting for a response. Your prospect may have an email addiction and it would be the best time to circulate your brand in their pipeline.

Moreover, email marketing is not an easy job. You have to get on the right track first before you actually engage with the content. The job of B2B email marketing industry is not easy, but education will always be available for those who want to learn.

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