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Why B2B Marketers Fails in Social Marketing

B2B marketers in B2B marketing has been in the digital world for far too long and in most of the problems in social media marketing, it didn’t occur to them. The reason about some of the B2B marketers did not think of the failures in social media marketing because they are too focus on what is ahead and not what is behind. The social marketing industry is a tough competition for

We look at the problems on why B2B marketers struggle in social media marketing, while true individuals succeed.

SMM or Social Media Marketing was designed for individualistic approach, not organizational. Company should think about their image as an organization may not fit in social media. The notion of having a social media account gives them the uplifting appeal of being famous. Company will feel that people are actually into their product or service if they too are into their social media sites. This idea gives company to focus on giving themselves a good name in front of their spectator.

Company often use group page rather than persona-representative account. Group page can be helpful in terms of group discussion but it will make an audience feel that the page is just a generic term. To have a remedy on this, company should consider persona-representative account wherein a person entitled will be carrying out the duty to make the company in good status in social media. With this, an audience may feel that a representative like Manager is reaching them out, giving them a sense of feeling they are special.

Going back to the social media’s purpose will actually help B2B marketers realize that social media makes connection not just popularity. If a company wants the approval of the people, they should think as one individual person.


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