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Why Data-Driven B2B marketing Requires Maintenance?

Everyone wants to be data driven. Using data to test hypotheses and inform decisions is a much better formula for developing B2B marketing strategies than pure intuition. It also paints B2B marketing more as a science than an art, which appeals to executives and engineers alike.

It’s end vogue to talk about causation versus correlation and statistically significant sample sizes at parties (well, at some parties). But the contact data marketers endeavor so diligently to collect decays — a fact often left out of the conversation.

Why Data-Driven B2B marketing Requires Maintenance

Data maintenance is easier said than done. Employees often adjust to margins of bad data and the real problem becomes hidden from the B2B marketing leaders. Hidden behind those bounces and unsubscribes is a pit full of discarded money wasted on B2B marketing to an inaccurate database of contacts.

The 2015 Data Hygiene & Enrichment Report recommends a 5 step process for enriching your contact database to improve your customer experience — and ultimately the effectiveness of your B2B marketing:

  • Evaluate the current state of your database.
  • Build a data governance plan.
  • Formulate a data standardization strategy.
  • Identify channels for appending data.
  • Assess the tools at your disposal.

Building a data governance and data standardization strategy are critical components to data-driven B2B marketing, but it’s the very first step that’s the most important: evaluating the current state of your database.

This is where data verification tools become so important: at the very beginning of the process. By partnering with a verification service to update outdated records, discard faulty information, and reconnect with old leads, you’ll eliminate many of the email deliverability problems that plague so many marketers.

Making a commitment to data-driven B2B marketing means prioritizing the quality of the data you use to make cool dashboards and inform ingenious strategies. Because in the end, if your contact data isn’t accurate, it will skew all of the resulting data and undermine your B2B marketing efforts.

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