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Winning the Prospect’s Trust: Marketing or Advertising


Marketing and advertising may seem to be indeed in both sense the same. Advertisement’s goal is to persuade and entertain while marketing is also the same. But normally people would wonder if which of the two are trusted by the prospects? The question underlying which sense of channel people most trust? This is a big idea for B2B marketers to fetch their initial prospect whether online or not. B2B marketers are the one which we can consider the backdoor of advertising.

Advertising is just a facade of marketing and just one of the medium of this large scale network of marketing. In the recent survey of Nielsen which shows that people trust most TV advertisement than online advertisement. Should the marketer be worry of this and how? There are three reasons why should marketers be aware of this;

Decrease of online credibility– marketers are known for its credibility of delivering their product towards their prospect. This only tells that marketers are aggressive when it comes to selling and finding a customer. Marketers are now online, finding leads and prospects. IF people would less likely trust online websites, it will cramp up somehow the ability of marketers to voice out their product or service.

Increase of online awareness – online awareness is the term for those online users that does not trust a web or computer program. Online awareness also fits its understanding of people should be aware of the activity online. This is good for marketers because it enhance the viewer’s discretion against online mailers and e-marketers. This would increase their knowledge of which site to trust and to avoid with.

Focus on marketing – there is a silver lining between dark clouds. This is true in the survey that if people don’t trust online ads, then this is an opportunity for us to focus more on how to improve our marketing strategy online.

There are still a lot to wait before a true marketer shows its true potential. The beginning of the dawn of online environment is at the bay of this present.

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